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Getting Your Website Pages To Rank

Getting your website pages to rank is determined by a number of factors. We’ve discussed many of them in other posted content on this site.

In the end, techniques that were popular a few years ago or even a few months ago are not deprecated. As search engine algorithms become more sophisticated and as the Interwebs evolve, ranking on the first page of Google requires research and competitive analysis.

To perform this kind of indepth research is generally beyond the business owners capability or resources.

This is another reason why to hire an SEO firm.

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Questions and Answers

Will my website’s page rank go down if I add more outbound links?I am planning on building a directory of realtors. The realtor site will have a lot of outbound links to the realtor’s websites. I am afraid that my page rank will be low since I will be having lots of outbound links? Will the number of outbound links on my webpages lower my website’s page rank?

Posted by iammotivated333
Bob CThe number of outbound links will not lower your pagerank with google. Your pagerank is determined by how many inbound links are coming to your site and what the pagerank is of the sites that are pointing those links to you.
You need to be very careful when you are linking to other people. If you link to websites that google thinks of as spam it makes it more likely that google will also consider your own website to be spam. Only link to sites that are of high quality and are relevant and useful to your visitors.
Another issue is if you are making a link trade with someone so their site points to your and your site points to theirs google can also see this as a sign of spam. The value of reciprocal links has gone down a lot lately however they can still work sometimes.
In summary: No it won’t lower your pagerank but if you link to spammy or bad neighborhood websites this can hurt your rankings by google applying a spam penalty.
Competition website page?If there an competition website with instant win page, what dies mean be instant win.

Posted by rose
Bob CIt is difficult to decipher your grammar, but I assume you are asking how instant win websites work.First of all, can you add the URL of the instant win website? You should make sure it’s not a phisher trying to get your personal information. If it says something that is “too good to be true,” it’s probably engulfed in fine print that revokes your human rights. Unless you are 100% sure that the company behind the contest is legitimate, I wouldn’t enter the contest.

Instant win contests can function in many different ways. One common way is by distribution of codes on the company’s products. These codes would then be entered on their website, with only a few codes being “instant wins”. If you do win, you will know immediately. (thus the “instant” win) Of course, they won’t show up at your house with confetti cannons and the like five seconds later. You’ll be sent the prize or a check with the prize’s value whenever the rules say you’ll receive them.

I cannot stress enough that you should be very careful if they are asking for you e-mail, real name, shipping address, or any other personal information. Read the full contest rules and the website’s privacy policy before giving them any information; it’s well worth it.

How to improve website page rank?

Posted by Donna
Bob CIt depends on a lot of factors, mainly categorising into 2 – on-page and off-page1. On-page
It includes all the activities to made in the website itself like title, description, original content on each page, relevant images and videos, alt tags, canonical issue, etc.

2. Off-page
It includes the link building and content marketing strategy of the website.
It can be done by:
Business Listing
Web 2.0 blogs creation
Articles on high authority websites
Press release about your website news on high authority websites
Tier 2 links
SMO – be socially interactive.
Engaging content creation
Updating the website with regular blogs and news related to your business.

If you want more assistance, email me your website and i can get you an exact marketing plan

I hope it helps.

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