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6 Strategies To Rank In Google

Page Ranking Google Requirements

A logical question you should be asking yourself is what does Google want to rank your pages? How can I best serve them and my target audience? Here are six strategies that you can implement immediately to improve your ranking results. The more of these you have going for you the greater your chances are of being shown to the search engines users.

1. We can begin by ensuring that the title of our website or page has the main keyword in it or is the main keyword that we would like to rank for. It’s also a good idea to have the keyword as your domain name if it’s available.

Here’s an example. If someone is searching in Google and they type in A keyword phrase and your domain name, website page title and the content of the web page all contain the exact keyword phrase that someone is searching on your website will be taken into consideration as possible relevant match.

Next the engine will look at the content of the web page and look for how times the exact keyword phrase is on the page. This is known as keyword density. This is a ratio of how many times the exact keyword phrase appears on the page in relation to all the other words on the page. Key word density should be in the 2%-4% range. If the percentage is too high you’ll be seen as a spammer and if its too low that will hurt you as well.

2. How many links are pointing back to your website. The more links you have pointing back to your site the more authority your site will be deemed to have. Here’s a few ways you can achieve this:

  • Submit articles to article directories with your link in the resource box.
  • Forum posts, again with your link in the post.
  • Social media posts and fan pages.
  • Social book marking sites.
  • Post videos to video sites.
  • Submit to directory listings.

How may other websites are linking to your website. The more websites in your niche that link to you tell the engines that your site is important and has authority. It’s social proof. Here’s an example: If you saw a widget that had 5 thousand downloads and another widget that had 100 downloads which one would you gravitate to? Most people would choose the one with 5 thousand downloads. The algorithm used to rank websites works in much the same way. Simply contact other website owners and ask them if they will exchange links with you or if you can post a link on their website. Many will be willing to work out an arrangement with you.

3. Seek out higher ranking websites to link to. The higher the ranking of the websites linking to your site tells the bots and spiders that other important authority sites think your site is important and authoritative which results in a boost in the rankings.

4. How many of your pages are linked by internal links? They love links and this also allows the spiders or bots to travel from one page to another very easily. Make sure your internal website pages are linked to one another in the body of the page where it makes the most sense.

5. Ensure that the keywords or keyword phrases appear in your site map links.

6. Incorporate videos into your overall ranking strategy. Video marketing is huge and growing at a very rapid pace. All videos need to be optimized for the engines as well. When you upload a video file to a hosting site make sure the exact keyword you’re trying to optimize for is in the following places:

  • File name
  • Title: preferably at the beginning of the title
  • Use the keyword in the video. The engines employ technology that actually listen to the video to ensure that the video is relevant to a users search criteria.
  • Description: No more than 2 links in the description.
  • Tags: Rule of thumb is no more than 5 keywords with each being less than 20 characters. The total combined character limit in the tags box should be 60 characters or less. This is optimal & ensures you won’t be seen as a keyword spammer.

The larger your presence on the web the better. You’ll want to avoid duplicate content wherever you’re listed. As an example you would not want to post the same exact article in 100 different article directories. The search engines dislike duplicate content as they see it as form of spam trying to manipulate the search engine results and you can be penalized by the search engines. If you’re going to submit articles to 100 different article directories then each article must be unique but yet related to what your website is about.

First page rankings don’t happen overnight. The key is to be consistent and methodical in growing your web presence while giving the search engines exactly what they want which is quality relevant content for their users. If you’ll do this you will soon be dominating your niche all across the web.

Questions and Answers

Will this effect my google page rank?My website is currently about 7 months old I have a page rank of 1/10 this April. I was wondering should I link to pages with a page rank on their links page or is the page rank of the index page the only thing that matters?………. Example say I link to their index page is a rank 6/10 but their reciprocal link page is a 0/10 will google look at the links page with no page rank or the index page with a rank 6/10?

Posted by Candace B
Bob CLinking to sites with a higher page rank is very good to do. The rank is on the site, not the individual page.One of the best things to do is to get out there and submit your site to multiple web directories with a PR4 or better status.Also, join forums within the same niche of your site and post to them, making sure that the link to your site is in your signature line.

Another good PR builder is to blog or reply to blog within the same niche of your site, making sure to put your link there.

One last thing to know about PR. The more traffic your site gets, the better the PR is too. Use stumbleupon to get hits, as well as dig and delicious. Announce your site on twitter, facebook, and myspace. Just don’t be spammy about it.

What it takes to get higher google page rank?I have this searchstatus plugin on my firefox to display page rank. My father writes a blog for 6 months, he updates the page twice a week, he receives ~40 visitors a day, the blog is linked from other websites, but the pagerank is still zero. Does it take some time for pagerank to update or does it depend on other things?
Aren’t directories kinda oldfashioned? Anybody still uses them?
Thanks for the advices, but still hope to hear more.

Posted by Jen
Bob CPage Rank does take some time to accrue, but it’s not something worth chasing after. Page Rank is largely the value of a certain web page based on the value of the links pointing to it in the eyes of Google – but it’s possible that Google has added other metrics to their Page Rank algorithm.We cannot see a web page’s true Page Rank, all we have access to is Toolbar Page Rank, which is a graphical expression of a web page’s true Page Rank. This is updated a few times throughout the year.Whomever is blogging, I would suggest just keeping it up. If the blog posts are very useful, you might want to try submitting some new posts to social bookmarking websites.

I use:


For social bookmarking and


As the blog update notification service.

In case you were thinking this – increasing your web page’s Page Rank will not necessarily increase your website’s rankings or traffic. There are plenty of PR 0 – PR 1 websites that outrank PR 4 and 5 websites.

What algorithm google used for page ranking?Is affiliate marketing affects PR of website and what algorithm is used by google to rank a page.

Posted by Ezifun
Bob CThey say the Google algorithm used to rank pages uses some 200 factors and is a closely guarded secret that appears to be revised perhaps quarterly. Some information has been gleaned from Google patents.
Some SEO experts believe that Google ‘hates’ affiliates and may penalize pages that look too much like long form sales pages.
A couple of tips that apply both for seo and adwords quality scores, a privacy policy and terms of use link should be included, along with at least one off page ‘escape’ link.
It’s evident that that quantity and quality of links from other sites, used to gauge the popularity and authority of a site is the most important factor in determining the rank of a page.

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