7 Top Ways To Get More Followers On Social Media


How To Get More Followers On Social Media

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If you want to grow your social media accounts then you should be actively looking for new ways to get extra followers. The more followers you get, the larger the number of people that each of your new posts will be automatically broadcast to.

This is ultimately one of the primary objectives of social media and it’s what will give you a lot more reach and authority thus ensuring that all your hard work is not for naught. But how do you go about growing your followers when you’re starting from humble beginnings?

7 Top Ways To Get More Followers On Social Media.

Add People

This is one of the simplest and easiest ways to get more followers simply head onto your platform of choice and then go about adding as many people as you can. What you’ll find is that a large proportion of those people you add will respond in kind and immediately add you back. It can be slow going but it’s an almost guaranteed way to extend your reach and influence.


Retweeting, repining or re-sharing is one of the very best ways to grow your following. Why? Because once again the people you help out will often want to do the same for you and that way you can expose yourself to their audience too.

Team Up

If you find the above strategy doesn’t work then you should try agreeing to team up before you go ahead. Give a shout out to your followers in exchange for someone else doing the same for you and you both will stand to benefit.

Use Smart Hashtags

Using the right hashtags and people will easily find your posts when they’re looking for related topics. Check what’s trending then post about that.

Encourage Sharing

Some posts are simply more shareable than others. Amusing videos are always a good way to get a share or retweet as is writing a positive review (as the company you are reviewing will often want to spread your message).

Cross Pollinate

If you have a captive audience already then make sure you leverage that opportunity. Ask your blog readers to follow you, your YouTube audience, your mailing list even customers who you see in person!

Build Followers

This sounds like a catch22 but the more followers you have the more followers you will continue to gain. The reason for this is simple: people like to join accounts that look popular. For this reason, followers beget followers and once you build up enough, it will become self-perpetuation.


Become a Social Media Authority

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Is Your Facebook Business Page Screwed?


Facebook Business Pages Reaching Smaller Range of Fans

Commencing a few months ago, managed Facebook business pages started to notice a recognizable fall-off in function or drop-off in organic reach per fan. Posts were reaching a lot smaller range of fans than usual. Normally, approximately 16-20 percent of your total group of followers was thought of as a big number in terms of organic reach.
Thus if a business page has 2,000 fans, possible reach for content might have been anywhere between 320-400 fans seeing that post within their news feeds. But, as this number has dwindled down to 4-6 percent, the reach number will now be between 80-120 fans being exposed to a post, and some say Facebook is going to take it even lower, to 1-2 percent (that’s only a reach of 20-40!).

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This change in Facebook’s algorithm was met with dislike, specifically by small company page/group owners and Facebook’s suggested fix for this was to do paid ads to boost the visibility of a post. Business page owners spent lots of time amassing their followers and likes that they have, it became aggravating when it appeared that all the job they did was now secondary.

Facebook states that this modification is simply not simply because the company is scheming to make businesses “pay to play,” it’s because there is much more information and facts being posted these days. Basically, competitiveness for space in the average user’s news feeds causes organic reach to decrease. As opposed to showing people all possible content, the news feed is created to show each individual on Facebook the information that’s most relevant to them. Of the 1,500+ stories an individual might see whenever they log onto Facebook, news feed displays approximately 300.

To choose which stories to show, news feed ranks each possible story (from more to less important) by reviewing thousands of factors relative to every person. Obviously, Facebook won’t share what those countless factors are (it’s their “secret sauce”), however, not surprisingly, they do propose that if you buy ads, your reach is going to be much better.

No matter what the explanation, it appears the free ride is practically over for businesses that use Facebook as an advertising tool. Where once success was determined by likes and follows, now if you desire a successful business page on Facebook, you must have great content, the interest to attract Facebook’s attention as well as the funds to supplement a reliable ad campaign.


As opposed to, or possibly in addition to buying an ad campaign, there are other things you can do that will help offset some of these changes:At this point the news feed’s content is a lot more limited, you’ll need more content to maximize your possibility of being posted for your followers to see. What this means is posting with greater regularity at all times during the day. Posting a couple of times a day will only work if those posts receive a massive amount of activity. You’ll need 3-4 posts on a daily basis, at various times of the day. How recent a post was created is a large factor for Facebook, so older posts have an extremely low chance of being put up on the news feed. Having a relatively fresh post consistently throughout the day helps.

Please remember that posts with pictures are very engaging. Posting frequently is advisable, even so you want to learn the moment your followers/fans are the most active. Under ‘posts,’ Facebook has an choice for your managed business page called “Insights.” This option will allow you to see the activity on your own page, how large it was and when it occurred.Take advantage of this information to help decide when to be active on your business page.

Link back to your normal business website and also any other social media accounts you may have. This is great for Facebook’s algorithm, but also for Google’s algorithm. The better connected your pages are, the more likely it will be noticed by search algorithms in general.To keep current with the newest variations in Facebook, bookmark the Facebook for Business News page.

Remember, though Facebook pages are changing frequently, some important strategies remain the same, such as always providing beneficial information for your audience. Even though the loss or gain of some features tend to make it harder for you to reach more people, concentrate on fortifying the relationships that you currently have with your Facebook fans.

And lastly, as a general user of Facebook, if you’d like to boost the chances of seeing posts from pages you love, you should consider clicking the “unlike” button on pages which you don’t really engage with. You can also make an effort to routinely visit pages that you would like to see posts from and comment, like or share something to help Facebook’s algorithm realize that this page is very important to you.

Words That Get Your Content Shared On Social Media

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Most of us know that Social Media is HOT!!!

But getting your content shared can be drastically improved if you use the right words.

According to Neil Patel, “if you want more Facebook traffic, then using words like “when,” “tell us,” “submit,” “deals,” and “discounts” can help you get more shares, likes and traffic to your site.”

Using words like “contest,” “promotion,” or “coupon” on Facebook will get fewer shares and likes and ultimately, less traffic.

Below is an infographic Neil created that to help you determine which words you should use (and avoid) on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.


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Words That Get Content Shared on Social Media